Charley Chatty and the Wiggly Worry Worm

By Sarah Naish & Rosie Jefferies, Illustrated by Amy Farell

Charley Chatty likes to talk. Charley talks so much

that her mouth gets dry but there's just so much

to say!

"Why is the pavement brown?“

"I have got two shoes. Everyone has two shoes.“

"I can hear the radio. Who is on the radio? Why is

there a button on the radio?"


Sometimes, Charley's imagination takes over and

she tells stories about things that didn't really

happen. She doesn't mean to but she likes how it

makes her feel important and the wiggly worry

worm inside her belly goes away.

Written by a mum who understands, and her

daughter (who also liked to tell tales), this is a

story for children functioning at age 3-10.