Shrinking The Smirch The Young People's Edition

By Jo Johnson, Illustrated by Lauren Denshan

Shrinking the Smirch: The Young People's Edition is a

workbook to help young people manage stress, gain

confidence, resist peer pressure and stay healthy. This

book helps young people cope with the usual challenges

of being a young adults including anxiety, peer pressure,

exam stress, bullying, social media, etc. and is also

appropriate for clinical conditions such as panic, eating

problems, self harm and low mood. This resource is

about the mind, what goes on in your head and coping

with all the pressure and challenges young people have

to face at home and school.

This unique workbook for teenagers asks you to pretend

these tricky thoughts and feelings are coming from a

smirch, an unkind imaginary friend, a mind bully who

wants to pull you into the pit of despair. This resource

gives a lot of ideas about how you can beat this mind

bully and cope better with all the thoughts and feelings

that make you anxious, lonely and upset. It has been

written with the help of a diverse group of young people

who have shared their stories so you can see you are not

alone and that there are things you can do to make life

feel better.