Zaina AlZabin

MSc Child & Family Psychologist

Zaina AlZabin is a graduate of New York University (NYU), and holds a Master's Degree from University College of London (UCL).  Zaina has had a variety of experiences in the field of psychology and education.  She has worked in various non-profit organizations, locally and internationally, including Center for Social Emotional Education (CSEE) in New York, Center for Child Evaluation and Teaching (CCET) in Kuwait, and Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA).  As a psychotherapist Zaina completed five years at Soor Center, Kuwait, before establishing Masar Consults in July, 2014.  Zaina is also a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at the Applied Behavior Center of Kuwait (ABC).

Zaina is trained as a Child & Family Psychotherapist, and as such provides a multidisciplinary approach targeting children, families, couples and adults. Zaina is also socially active and works towards creating an environment of understanding and acceptance for all matters related to mental health.